C-Date alternative 2024 ❤️ The best alternatives here

C-Date alternative 2024 ❤️ The best alternatives here

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C-Date is a traditional casual dating site where you can find a companion for sensual dates. These are often members who are looking for a fling. We explain what makes C-Date unique and what alternatives there are!

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Why are you looking for a C-Date alternative?

There are several reasons why members or prospective members might want a C-Date alternative. One of the main reasons is the cost of using C-Date. C-Date is more expensive, but only male users and women who are looking for a woman pay here. Some men are disadvantaged by this, although the purpose is good. The point is to make it easier for women to use C-Date and thereby have additional female contact options as a man.

What are the advantages of C-Date

The emphasis here is clearly on the idea that C-Date can be used almost anonymously. This is especially advantageous for taken players, since the chance of being discovered is lower. Due to the free use for women, the proportion of women is also quite high, so the chances of making contacts are not bad. C-Date members are often of higher caliber; about 30 % are academics, and they discuss knowledge at an educated level. Off-color chat ups are very uncommon and can be completely avoided by contacting support.

One advantage for you is that you often meet people here who share your interests. If you have registered on C-Date, you are probably looking for a casual date. You can be sure that the other users of this platform share your interests and that no one is looking for love. Besides, thanks to the contact recommendations, you can immediately get an idea of who would be a good match for you.

What makes C-Date so bad?

Even though C-Date is advertised as free, you don't stand a chance as a simple male member. There is no way to send or receive messages, nor can you read them. You are also not shown any photos. Another disadvantage is that photos usually cannot be sent as message attachments. Erotic pictures are often sent to get to know each other better, especially in casual relationships. Last but not least, the contact suggestion tool has sometimes proven to be inconvenient. Many of the suggested contacts live hundreds of miles away, which makes a spontaneous sexual encounter impossible.

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Similar websites like C-Date

If you are not comfortable with C-Date, you should consider other options. The two providers mentioned below are common options.

Lovepoint.co.uk as C-Date alternative

Lovepoint.de has been in business for more than 20 years and specializes in sensual encounters and casual dating. The audience is older, ranging in age from 30 to 60, with men making up over 60 %. Again, it's free for women to use, and prices are slightly lower than C-Date, even for men. Disadvantages: There is no app, though the browser version is mobile-friendly.


Firstaffair is the market leader in the area of young erotic dating, the members are on average between 18 and 35 years old. The fees are significantly cheaper than the other two providers, but here, too, women have to pay 5.00 euros for registration. The number of members is lower than with C-Date, but it is sufficient for casual dating in big cities.

Conclusion on the best C-Date alternative

C-Date is one of the leading providers in casual dating, and the TV ads are so convincing that most people know the site. The provider is unsuitable for anyone who is looking for love or relationships, here it is all about sensual encounters and flings.

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