Fakku alternative 2024 ❤️ The best alternatives here

Fakku alternative 2024 ❤️ The best alternatives here

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Find the best Fakku alternative here.Fakku is a website for those who like to participate in the pornographic side of anime. The peculiarity is that instead of watching, you read. The whole system works on the same basis as the "Unlimited" edition of a major sales website. At Fakku, we've investigated what's really important and what's not.

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Why do people look for a fakku alternative?

If you are not convinced by the offer and your favorite books are not available, a Fakku alternative may be of particular interest to you. This can happen quickly, since there is a large selection especially in the field of anime and hentai, and Fakku does not contain all accessible publications. However, if you want to buy individual books for yourself, the cost might be too high. In this case, an alternative can also be an option.

The advantages of fakku

One of Fakku's greatest assets is the variety that the very large portal can offer. Here you can discover a large number of hentai novels that satisfy almost every desire. Unless you want to buy individual books, you can read here for a flat rate. Flat rate means that you pay once and then every month you can read as many hentai and manga books as you want.

Besides, the website has certain games that you can buy and play on your PC right away. The collection is quite extensive, and a helpful search function allows you to find out exactly what categories your game is divided into. You can also find out right away whether the game is uncensored or censored. Prices start at 10.00 $ and go up from there.

The forum, which is accessible to registered members, is very nice and appealing. Although only English is spoken here, you can post reviews, make article requests and discuss books with other users. If you don't know what to read next and are looking for an alternative, this is a great resource. The forum is obviously active, so Fakku is used a lot and is far from being a lifeless site.

What makes Fakku so bad?

The entire website is written in English, with some book descriptions in Japanese. This makes it a bit more difficult for German consumers to find what they are looking for. The thumbnails, on the other hand, do a good job of showing what to expect from each novel. Even though we like the flat rate feature, we are disappointed that there is no other option. A few books can be purchased directly, but those are exceptions. For most novels, you have to sign up for an Unlimited membership to read them. So you find ne good fakku alternative.

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Fakku and other similar suppliers

The main feature of Fakku is that it displays hentai and manga in book style. This is a unique selling point, because there aren't many comparable sites. However, if you enjoy moving images, the following options might be worth your time.

Hentaidude as a fakku alternative

Hentaidude is a classic hentai porn website that offers a well-maintained selection of cosplay and ahegao videos that contain everything a hentai lover's heart could desire. New information is updated regularly to guarantee that you will never get bored. The service is absolutely free to use.


HeyHentai is one of the most popular hentai porn sites available in both mobile and PC versions. Here you can see really intense content, but only in pictorial form. Unfortunately, there are no books or movies here, and you have to pay to watch them. The initial three-day membership costs 1.00 $.

Conclusion to the best fakku alternative

Fakku is almost unique on the market in terms of book selection, which explains its appeal. This provider seems to be trying to appeal to women with the sexy offer, which could lead to a large influx.

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